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      Matthew and the Magic Goat 

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Matthew lost his dog, Sprite, in the woods. A goat comes to the rescue and the boy suddenly has superhero powers.


I LOVED Matthew and the Magic Goat! Lovely story told simply but with several important messages. I’m sure children will embrace the book with enthusiasm!


Susan Werbe

It's a book for young children, teaching how to be kind and respect someone with disabilities, using a bit of magic too. Kindness, respect, and goodness, the important qualities that make a person good.


chiara c 

I recently purchased this book for the children that I childmind and they really enjoy listening to the story. I love the way that the story raises awareness of disability without making a big fuss of it. My 3-year-old asked questions about Matthew’s missing limb and I thought it was a great introduction to discuss this topic in greater detail. Well done to Carmen!


Tamara Belcher 

It was an exciting book for me, I liked that the goat had magic powers and helped the boy to find his dog. I also liked that there were questions in the book which we could discuss during our reading time. When I read the book for the first time, I was very eager to find out what will be on the next page! And I really liked a picture on the last page, it is very beautiful. I would like to find out more about Matthew and his life


Doucya ( 7 Years Old ) 

This is a fun book for children and the subtle messages are absolutely priceless and educational. The author steers away from 'political correctness' and allows the reader to explore and find the differences between the characters for themselves. Inclusion is our hope and the only way forward and this book teaches children just that.

Ranjo Banjo

Hope you are well, just read your book again! 

Ro Di Anne Ellul

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