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Jubilee Dog Show


Subject: Re: Jubilee Dog Show - stall booking form

Dear Carmen, 


Thank you so much for your kind email. I'm pleased to hear your stall was popular.

It was really great to have you there as part of the day. Afterwards, I thought I should have bought some books for my 5 year old, during the event she was being looked after by grandparents. 


I will send over the photo to you.

Many thanks,


On Sun, 5 Jun 2022 at 08:49, Carmen Powell wrote:

Dear Meredith, 

Thank you so much for yesterday’s memorable experience at the Parish Church. Children started streaming in and wanting to have a book. Sprite and the Two Talking Turtles seems to have appealed to them the most! It’s about the dog rescuing two turtles who get trapped in a plastic bag on the beach. 

I was thrilled to see children wanting story books! 

Thank you again and if it’s possible can I have a copy of the photo you took of my stall? 

Take care 


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