Matthew lost his dog, Sprite, in the woods. A goat comes to the rescue and the boy suddenly has superhero powers. 

A book about diversity and inclusion

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Matthew and Sprite are playing a game on the beach when Sprite loses the stick. They both hear a cry for help and come to the rescue.

A book about caring for the environment

I got so transfixed with the storyline that I kept thinking, where is the ‘disability’? Of course children, being so aware of detail, would have spotted the little boy straightaway – I like the magic and the subtlety of the disability and I liked him being powerful with the help of the goat and the illustration clear and big in the middle of the story so that adults and children could see and discuss and notice how active he could be – all strong /positive messages. There is so much scope and need for more inclusive books!



Mary Tutaev

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